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Apostles Lutheran Church

Missouri Synod


Dear Friends,

In the middle of Summer baseball is in full swing. Pennant races are starting to shape up and its becoming clear who is going to lead the pack come October. The Diamondbacks are currently 2nd in the NL West at 50W-28L. All of the work done in the off-season is starting to pay off. Other sports like football or hockey are going back to the basics at this time of year. They are sorting out which players will play which positions and starting to drill with light work outs and scrimmages. If you get the fundamentals in place the rest will come easier.

The basics of the Christian faith are not much different. If you get the basics right then the rest comes much easier. The basics all center on Jesus, who He is and what He has done for us. Starting August 16th we will have a study on the basics. B.A.S.I.C.S. (Brief Adult Study In Christianity and Service). It will be each Wednesday for 10 weeks. If you have been a Christian for a long time this can serve as a  good refresher course on the basics and foundation of the Christianity. If you want to know what we as a congregation believe and teach here at Apostles, whether you are a friend or a member of Apostles, this is your chance to sit down in a more direct environment with the pastor and explore whatever questions you have about faith and Jesus.

The basics don’t change. Whether its football, baseball, hockey or basketball, the basics stay the same. It’s the players that change. With maturity, injury, age, experience, players approach the game in different ways. As Christians we grow in our relationship with God in much the same way. He doesn’t change, especially in His unconditional love and His grace for us. But we change as we deal with the ups and downs of life.

No matter how good a player gets, he can’t forget the basics. Enjoy the Summer.

Blessings, Pastor Andrew