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Apostles Lutheran Church

Missouri Synod


Dear Friends,

You may or may not have ever heard of a deaconess. They have been serving in the Lutheran Church since the 1830s (that’s before the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod was even a thing). They are female church workers who dedicate their lives to serving Jesus and His Church, usually in the areas of mission, teaching, or healing and usually in a congregation or institution like a school or hospital. We have a chance to have a deaconess here at Apostles Lutheran Church.

Mrs. Carmen Cabrales (Pastor Ramon’s wife) has been studying in the deaconess program of the Center for His-panic studies at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis for the past couple of years. You may not have realized it, but she has been serving her internship with us here at Apostles. She has now finished all of her course work and passed all of her tests and final interviews. She is ready to be officially called as a deaconess in the Luther-an Church – Missouri Synod.

At our Voter’s Meeting on April 22nd, we will consider and vote on issuing a Divine Call for her to be consecrated and commissioned as a deaconess for Apostles Lutheran Church. She has already become an important part of our Hispanic ministry and will continue to be such. The following Job description has been developed and approved by both our Board of Elders and our Church Council.

Proposed Deaconess Job description

Provide leadership and support mainly in the areas of Youth Education and Women’s Ministries, including spiritual care and ministries of mercy.

Serve on the Board of Education and Board of Youth

Develop a plan of professional growth and self-care, including continuing education and attendance at LCMS Deaconess Conferences

Assist the Pastors as appropriate and requested, especially with women’s issues

Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot pay Mrs. Cabrales a salary. The only compensation she will receive at this time is the benefits we already provide through Pastor Ramon’s compensation package. This situation is not uncommon among deaconesses who work in non-Anglo ministries. Carman and her family as well as the Semi-nary and the Pacific Southwest District recognize this problem, but still want to proceed with a Call and further ministry. Hopefully as we grow, she can be compensated adequately.

Please take time to come to the Voters Meeting, to thank God for providing us with such a willing worker, to pray about the vote coming up on April 22nd and ask Him to bless the ministry we all share as members of Apostles Lutheran Church. I am glad to tell you more about this Call and to answer any questions and hear any ideas that you may have. Pastor Ramon and Carmen are also happy to talk to you about this opportunity. Our Living Lord Jesus continues to bless us this Easter and each day of our lives.

Happy Easter!

Pastor Andrew