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Apostles Lutheran Church

Missouri Synod


Dear Friends,
I love to go camping and be outside in God’s beautiful and amazing creation. I especially like to build campfires and watch the fire dance and crackle. A good campfire draws people together for warmth, sharing, storytelling, sometimes songs, and maybe even s’mores! As wood is added the fire continues. When its time to put out the campfire water and sand is used to make sure it is out, and the final step is to scatter the pieces. When the pieces are scattered, they cool down and go out much quicker. It’s the same with  Christians. It’s no mistake that God tells His people to gather together for worship (Hebrews 10:24-25). Without mutual encouragement, our passion for Jesus quickly gets cooler.

When I was called by you and the Holy Spirit to be the pastor of Apostles Lutheran Church, one of the plans for growth was to begin small groups.  That process has started. Our Fellowship committee is heading the process to form interest groups in our congregation. These groups are very much in keeping with our guiding theme of “Blessed to be a Blessing”. The blessing we have and can share with others, in this case, is the gift of each other, the gift of friendship and community.

Human beings were not made to be alone, but were made to be in community. When God created the world everything was perfect and in harmony. Even before sin and evil and suffering came into this world, God said one thing was NOT good. That “thing” was the man was alone
(Genesis 2:18). So God made a spouse and then a family, the first community. Communities grew from there. He knows we need each other.

These small groups will be grouped around activities, learning, or service. These interest groups hopefully will serve to build bonds among us as Christians for mutual support and encouragement (which each of us needs). These groups will also be a place where we can invite friends who don’t know Jesus to experience love, friendship and community infused with the love and peace of Christ. We will be starting with a few interests that have been easily identified. These are not the only groups though.  If you think there is enough interest for service, activity, or study groups that we don’t have call the church office or contact Vicki Sears, the chair of our Fellowship Committee.

To have a really good campfire, everyone needs to bring some wood. Find an interest group and bring your “wood”. You will be blessed and in turn can be a blessing.

Love God and Your Neighbor,

Pastor Andrew