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Apostles Lutheran Church

Missouri Synod


Dear Friends,

Do you have enough faith to give? God is the one who gives us everything we have. He does it because He loves us and wants us to be well taken care of. When we give back to Him and His work we are showing and exercising our faith and trust in Him. When people say I don’t have enough hours in the day they are really having a priority problem we all get 24 hours in a day and 168 hours in a week. The only difference between us is how we spend them. We all have different amounts of money coming in. God knows how much it is and can always bless us with more if we need it. Whether we have a million dollars or a thousand, we all face the choice of how to spend them. Each of us has been given a talent or special ability that not everyone shares, the gift comes from God. Our choice is how to use and develop the gift.

When we choose to use God’s gifts of money or time or abilities in His service and for His work, that choice is an act of faith. We are saying “I can use this for some other purpose, but I am trusting you Lord. You gave it to me to start with. I know you are the one who takes care of me and you can provide whatever else I would have gained from this money, time, or ability.” We are putting our faith in the giver and not in the gift.

Right now we are in the middle of the Easter season and celebrating the eternal life, the forgiveness and the new life we have because of Jesus. Soon summer will be upon us, with all the travel, heat, and change of schedule that summer in Phoenix brings. Be intentional to make the choices that show your faith in God over the summer also. Be intentional to take time to worship Him and be in His word, no matter where you find your-self over the next few months. Be intentional in making sure your offering gets to the church and whatever other ministries you supports, especially over the summer. Automatic drafts are available to give automatically to Apostles just like you use for other important obligations and groups you are a part of. Over the summer there will also be time to receive the sacrament and study God’s word each Wednesday evening starting June 6th at 6:15 PM.

All that we have comes from God. When we give it back to Him we are simply showing the world and those around us what we believe. We believe that He is the one who takes care of us. In the midst of all the uncertainty and instability in this world, that is wonderful news. The end result is not totally dependent on us and our limited ability. The end result depends on the gracious hand of our God and His perfect plan. During Easter we celebrate the eternal outcome that God has provided for us by over-coming death and hell and giving us a new and eternal life. With the choices we make we celebrate the ongoing care that our God gives us on this side of Heaven. Enjoy the months ahead and all the blessings that are waiting.

Pastor Andrew