Apostles Pre-School

Who is your favorite valentine? Do you remember when it was time to bring your little valentine’s to school and pass them out to all your classmates, double checking your class list to see who gets which one? Maybe you picked out a special one for someone you really liked? You were filled with excitement and joy in your heart when you opened one up and it was from someone special, do you remember that feeling?

Let’s look at this again, can you imagine the size of the valentine you would receive from Jesus, if He passed out paper valentines to everyone on his list, like we do here at Preschool? They would be bigger than anything we can physically hold or carry, yet the love he sends in his valentine for each of us, is bigger than he can put on paper, and we can hold and carry that in our hearts daily. What a great Blessing that is. We will be making God size Valentines in class to show the children the love He has for them, and how much bigger it is than anything we can buy at the stores.

We are now enrolling students for the 2023-2024 school year. Space is available now to let your child get a head start learning the routines for the new year. This is a great opportunity for children to begin learning the how to make friends, have peers of their own age to interact with and all the while learning skills for kindergarten. Give us a call and learn about our fantastic school.

We received our new star rating of a 4, rated a high four (my coach was excited we are not far off of a five star rating). This is a great accomplishment as some schools did not recover well after covid. We also had our completed our state assessment and were told we did fantastic on our classroom scores and we passed. I am very proud of my team of teachers and the hard work and time they pour into our wonderful Preschool.

I want to give a big thanks to the Tuesday crew for trimming up our tree on the playground, it is the best it has looked in a long time, thanks again guys.

Love to All,
Miss Beckie, Miss Kellie, Miss Susan