Apostles Pre-School

“Celebrate good times come on…” Anyone remember this song? Here is another hint, “There’s a party going on around here, a celebration to last throughout the year”. Did that help? Preschool has begun, our first day back to school for the 20222023 school year was started August 10th. We are excited to celebrate our new year with Jesus, new friends, those who have returned, and teaching exciting new lessons we have planned for this year.

We are already in September and it is still hot, not happy with the heat BUT, we are gearing our lessons towards the Fall and the cooler weather so we will survive.

Our students that remain for another year are welcoming our new kiddos and watching the interaction between them, makes teachers hearts happy. We see them using what they have been taught so far when it comes to manners, acceptance of differences in others and welcoming our new friends with open arms. They are comforting the new ones, trying to make them happy when they are sad mom left, and they are always happy to show off their classroom taking the new ones to each center. We see life lessons, such as kindness, acceptance and empathy to one another being used with our new little friends.

One of our first things we teach is prayer, we can pray for thanks, in times of upset, in times for help and we can pray anywhere, anytime because God always hears us. The returning kiddos have taught the new ones that we pray before we eat and they almost have the whole prayer memorized.

We look forward to this year with new all around, smiles, and big hearts full of love.

Happy Smiles,

Miss Beckie, Miss Kellie, Miss Susan