Apostles Pre-School

Here we are a month away from Preschool graduation. This year seems to have flown by quickly and in the blink of an eye, we have preschoolers ready for the big world known as Kindergarten. They count, they know the alphabet and their sounds and sign language for the alphabet and some words. We have been enjoying science, math, stories, cooking, engineering, art, and at this point we, of course, know they are going into the big world with Jesus planted deep in their hearts. Their fine motor and gross motor have been mastered. Their ability to make friends and display their social emotional skills are seen daily. Plans are underway for our graduation celebration with songs to learn and a little extra fine tuning of their skills for Kindergarten. Our kiddos had a blast coming to church on Palm Sunday to sing and ride their donkeys. We talked about the reason for Easter and the wonderful gift Jesus gave to us and why celebrating Him is so important for us.

The heat is upon us and to make it more comfortable for everyone’s outdoor experience we will be modifying our daily schedule. It seems April and May get more toasty each year. If you are on the church campus in the morning while it’s still relatively cool, you’ll be able to hear the children playing and learning outdoors. It’s a wonderful sound!

We have a new banner on display near the street for passersby to see and we are now taking applications for the 2022-2023 school year for enrollment. We look forward to having your child, grandchild, friend or neighbor join our preschool.

Miss Beckie, Miss Kellie, Miss Susan