Apostles Pre-School

Thank you to all who came on Saturday, October 14 to help with the playground clean up day. We are starting to see the our vision of the playground space come to life. A fence was built and put up and the swing set moved back to its original spot. Pastor Byars picked out and installed a safety fence to keep the children out of the blind spot on the playground. Our tree was trimmed, big broken items from sun damage has been hauled away, (thank you to the wrestlers). Our garden has been re-established and is taking shape. Playground equipment and trikes have been repainted to give them new life. So many things were accomplished this day and we are so grateful to all of you who helped us.

Thankfulness, giving forward and loving everyone is one of the core values we teach in preschool. Sharing our gifts and helping others when we can are is a great things to instill in our children.

This past September, we began talking with the children about helping those in need. We began collecting birthday cake kits that the children personally delivered to Miss Mary and Miss Izzy. They were proud to give the kits to the Human Care ministries to be distributed in emergency food boxes at the appropriate times. The children were encouraged by this act of service and kindness and asked if they could collect something for their pantry and donate monthly. The children are starting to understand the importance of helping and sharing with others. We made 3 separate trips over to the ladies, because the children were catching on and asking their parents to make a kit too, so they can give it to someone. In October, we collected hand held can openers, and bottle openers to be added to the food boxes for all the wonderful canned goods that have been donated .

The children will be practicing a special song to sing at the 11:00 am worship service on December 10. We invite everyone to come to see and hear the little children raising their voices in praise.

Enrollment has been increasing, and the kiddos are so inviting to our new little ones. The children who have been here for awhile have become quite the little ambassadors for our wonderful preschool. We still have space available for your child, grandchild or friend. please tell others.

From Preschool to you, we wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving full of love and laughter.

Miss Beckie, Miss Kellie, Miss Susan