Apostles Pre-School

Oh boy, where to start! This is always a harder month for us at Preschool. As we prepare for our step up/graduation ceremony with our kiddos, the three of us reflect on each child, where they are on social emotional skills, are they ready, have we done all we can with each one, are they prepared for big kid school, can they write their names, do they have ABC’s and 123’s down?, and the list goes on and on. We have had these children, some up to 3 years, and besides being so proud of their accomplishments, we miss them tremendously and our hearts are sad knowing they are moving up the ranks.

We are blessed though, knowing we are able to share freely, the love of our wonderful God so that as each one moves on to Kindergarten, we have planted Jesus seeds in each one of their hearts to go with them, where ever they land in life. We have taught each one that God will never leave them, in the good times or the hard times. So, we pack their little suitcases of knowledge off to Kindergarten, with ABC’s, 123’s, math, science, social emotional skills, and the best gift of all, JESUS! They know Jesus goes every where with them, so with that, we smile, knowing we have done our jobs.

Filled With His Joy,

Miss Beckie, Miss Kellie, Miss Susan