Youth group is always so grateful for Apostles’ support of us.

Since the school year and trying to reestablish a more regular, in-person youth group, we have gone bowling and done archery at church. We recently had a Halloween party. The Bible study involved talking about things related to death and resurrection and All Saints’ Day reflections. We have had teens invite friends, which is great to see.

In November, we’re taking a short retreat to Camp ALOMA over Veteran’s Day and the afternoon before. The day before is Martin Luther’s “birthday”, so we’re going to celebrate with cake because, well, why not? Later in November, we hope to do archery again. In December, we’ll have a Christmas party at the Byars’, along with gift exchange, if the teens are interested.

We make time for service projects, too. One of our teens suggested trying to do something related to recycling. We’re waiting for the City of Peoria to get back with us. That’s been a challenge.

We will see about going post-Christmas caroling again.

In the new year, maybe we’ll get a chance to go sledding as a group again. We’re working out the details to go to Camp ALOMA next summer. We’d like to pack in some things that are not normally found in their high school summer camps, so we have some things to work out.

One of our recently graduated young adults has been coming back to see as a “mentor.” The power of connections lives on.