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There will be Facebook live recordings at 8:00 AM on Sundays. Please join us.

Dear Friends,

He Is Risen! He is Risen, Indeed! That is the greeting and response that we use with each other to celebrate the ongoing life of Jesus. Easter marks the day when he came back to life after dying. We are in the midst of the 7 Sundays of Easter. On Sundays we are unpacking what it means that Jesus is alive today. Our Sunday sermons will be from the book of Revelation, which is not really about the future, it is more about the fact that Jesus is alive and in charge today. And the fact that Jesus is alive today makes all the difference in our lives. He is with us now in this life, into the next and everywhere in between.

In a sermon from 2021, Pope Francis said, “The COVID pandemic is not God’s judgment on the world, it is his invitation to judge what is important in our lives.” By being forced to sift and choose, we have all been thinking and deciding what is important in our lives. That is why so many people have been retiring, changing jobs and changing habits. They have been judging and deciding that what they were spending their lives on was not as important as they once thought. Where has Jesus and your life with him fallen in that sifting and choosing? Some have decided it’s not so important as it once was, others have drawn closer to Him as they see the promises of this world fall apart.

As April slips by we will soon slide into summer. As the temperatures rise here in the Valley of the Sun many of us will slip out of town to visit relatives, enjoy cooler temps, and be blessed by God’s good creation. Many of us will try to reconnect after the last two years of restrictions and limits. As you go, it is easier than ever to stay in touch and grow your faith life in Jesus.

Our Sunday worship services will be live on Facebook every week and then placed on our YouTube Channel. The same computers and cell phones that let us run our lives from anywhere, allow us to participate in worship “at home” while far away. Devotions, like Portals of Prayer, are easy to take with in paper form or on line. Lutheran Hour Ministries ( has great devotions, Bible Studies, and uplifting messages where ever you are.

It’s also important to continue to support your church with your offerings during the summer. It’s easy to do with automatic bill pay, which most of us already use for some things. Our church recommends the Givelify app to make donations electronically. You can set up automatic recurring, regular payment from the app and also use it for one time donations. It is
found on our website and can be down loaded from most app stores. By God’s grace and the dedication of many of Apostles’ members, our financial situation continues to improve, but we can’t really afford a “summer slump”. Thanks to the electronic means available, we don’t have to, we can stay faithful and his work can continue. We are not really where we need to be, but we are getting there.

He is risen and He is with us to bless us. As we continue to build our congregation, he is with us. As we travel through the summer, he is with us. As we face the troubles and the triumphs of life, he is with us.

He is Risen! He is Risen, Indeed! Alleluia, Amen.

Pastor Andrew