Human Care Ministry
for June Food Pantry

 The good news is that we are able to help those who come to us needing help. The bad news is…oh wait- no bad news. Thank you for continuing to donate food and toiletries to help others. A goal of helping those who are struggling to meet basic needs is to help them maintain a level of comfort and dignity. Being able to brush your teeth, comb your hair, and clean up go a long way toward making someone’s day better. We will be putting together toiletry ‘kits’ and will provide them along with food. If you have reusable bags (not plastic) and can donate some to the food pantry that would be appreciated. We don’t always have boxes, and bags are easier to store in our limited space. Thank you for giving as God has given to you.

                                                                                      Prayer Shawls
We are continuing to make and distribute prayer shawls. Thanks to Thrivent’s Action Project we are able to purchase yarn. If you, or someone you know, needs a prayer shawl let us know. Prayers shawls are like a hug from Jesus – everyone needs one.

Pursuing the Common Good

What if we assumed God has given us an abundance of gifts rather than a scarcity of gifts? Looking in the food pantry at Apostles I am seeing abundance. I see tangible expressions of love. I see what this community of believers can do. And you keep on giving, and our cupboards are full. Of course, it is an on-going effort but really not effort at all when done with love.

What if we focus on the abundance of gifts instead of the scarcity of the gifts in our community that is Apostles Lutheran Church? What if we shift our paradigms – our way of viewing the world from not having enough to having what we need? “Every good and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights.” James 1:17 We are so accustomed to identifying the problem and working toward a solution. But what if we took an inventory of the gifts we have and then consider how to use them to address the challenges that face us? God gave these gifts to us to use toward the common good. Common good: the flourishing or well-being of the sum total of communal life in a given place. The Hopeful Neighborhood outlines a three step process. Ask yourself

1. What gifts do you have that you can give to Apostles Lutheran Church? Time, energy, ideas, prayer, money, enthusiasm, skills
2. Imagine the possibilities when you use your gifts at Apostles.
3. Pursue the Common Good here at Apostles – put your gifts to work

If you want to learn more about this important idea, and many more, find a copy of The Hopeful Neighborhood by Don Everts.