.The Fellowship Committee meets every 2nd Thursday at 3:30 PM. We invite everyone to be a part in the fun of organizing events.

Virtual Trivia Pursuit
Saturday, Feb. 20
6pm (via Zoom)
If you would like to participate please send your name and email address to the church so they can send you the link to get on the zoom game. It will be men versus women with bragging rights on the line. It is a team game so come help your team. There are 47 categories, the team that gets 30 categories correct first wins. When you let us know you want to participate we will send you the excel spreadsheet with the categories.

Do you have great ideas for events at the church or would you like to help in planning the events?  If so please contact a member of the fellowship Committee: Duane Bargmann, Lynn Hodgden and Tammy Carroll.


Church re-opening guidelines
Church re-opening guidelines