The Youth Group will serve Breakfast Burrittos the first Sunday of the month between services.

Youth Night 2nd and 4th Sundays 3:00 to 5:00 PM

Youth Board Meeting 2nd Sunday  12:00  room 2

Hire a YOUTH, Fundraiser for National Youth Gathering 2019


 click link for form:   Hire a Youth flyer


Chili cookoff Jan 12th at noon look for signup sheet in Narthex.

Potato Bar Jan 20th 12:15 PM at the voters meeting.  $5.00 Donation

Shoe Drive November 15th – January 15th

Why do a Shoe Drive?

Apostles Youth Group has partnered with Fund2Orgs to collect shoes. Youth group fundraisers need to focus beyond raising money to engage their participants fully. Through shoe drive fundraisers, our youth group members engage their peers, families, friends, and community to clean out their closets and donate their gently worn, used and new shoes. Successful youth fundraising ideas develop team building skills, enhance awareness of the mission, increase fun, and of course, raise funds.

Our goal is 2500 pairs of shoes. Shoe drives are a winwin for everyone. We collect goods (shoes) others do not need or want anymore and we provide them to an organization who can use them.

What Happens to the Shoes We Collect?

Team members from Funds2Orgs have traveled to developing nations to see microentrepreneurs in action. Microentrepreneurs set up small businesses. Because of systemic poverty in many developing countries around the world, working age adults have to create their own economic opportunities.

The shoes we collect serve as a philanthropic bridge to give people a handup and work opportunity, rather than just a handout. Microentrepreneurs set up small businesses. They sell the shoes we gather in their communities, which creates business and commerce opportunities leading to sustainability.

What else?

The footwear collected in our shoe drive fundraisers gives our community a socially responsible way to dispose of shoes, which can take more than a lifetime to decompose when discarded improperly.

And that’s why shoes—and shoe drive fundraisers—are so important!

Start saving and collecting shoes for the Apostles Youth Group Shoe Drive!

Watch the Sunday bulletins for further information.