Regular meeting – Saturday Sept 8th, 2018 9AM

LWML Convention news—Susan Thomas and Martina Koch attended the convention in Las Vegas, June 810. The full report can be found as an attachment with this newsletter, or by calling the church office. Apostles was awarded a grant request this year for the following: Proclaiming the Kingdom Hispanic Ministry Apostles Lutheran, Peoria AZ $10,000.” This grant will help Apostles Lutheran Church Spanish Ministry to purchase teaching and musical equipment and other materials and advertising to reach the unchurched Spanish speaking community just outside our doors. We have a bilingual associate Pastor Ramon Cabrales who has a small Spanish speaking congregation that will grow. Susan Thomas and Martina Koch will be attending the convention.

The next regular meeting of Apostles LWML will be on Sept 8 in the Fellowship Hall. All ladies of Apostles are encouraged to attend.

Prayer Shawls – If you or anyone you know needs a prayer shawl please contact Mary Otte, Judy Larrieu, or Susan Thomas.

Attention young women ages 18-35 we want to hear from you!

Who is the LWML?

Every confirmed woman who is a member of Apostles congregation is eligible to become a member of the LWML.  All you need is a love for others, a desire to share the Gospel message, and a heart to serve.

“Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” Luke 23:46b The last words spoken by Jesus before He died on the cross were “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit” (Luke 23:46b).  Faith, trust, assurance, and victory were in these words.  Jesus’ words very well could be our morning prayer before we begin the day, and they could be our evening prayer before we turn out the light.  We also hope that these words would be the last prayer we whisper before our eyes close in death.  This is certainly a costly prayer.  When we say the words of this prayer we are giving up on ourselves and putting ourselves in the hands of our heavenly Father.  Blessed are the people who by the grace of God dare to commit themselves into the Father’s hands.  To rest in His hands is to be in God’s care.  He is concerned about each of us.  After all, He is our Father.  Jesus has written our names in the palms of His hands.

Dear Father, Your Son committed His Spirit into Your hands from the cross on Calvary.  Into Your hands I commit my spirit today.  In His holy name I pray. Amen.