Apostles Pre-School

Time for school to begin, summer rains and parent routines to start all over again. The first day of Preschool class for the 2022-2023 school year is August 10th. We already have been busy with new enrollments, phone calls inquiring about the school and of course our July summer program. We have also been busy gathering materials for new lesson opportunities as we welcome our new littles into our preschool world. This time is always both happy and sad, as we say good bye to those off to kinder after July, but we welcome our new kiddos arriving at Apostles to learn, explore and become part of our new little preschool family.

At this time we have some seats left in preschool, and just a few Quality First scholarships left, so give us a call, stop by, share the news to those with littles ages 3 to 5, this is the place to be.

The children’s art is off the wall, sent home to moms and dads, the walls are looking bare, but soon they will be full of new art from new ideas from new students. This is fun to watch as the room transforms back to art hanging on the walls, new science projects taking shape, and circle time filled with lots of curious little minds. We look forward to the new school year and enjoy watching all the children as they eagerly learn and grow with us.

Stay cool,
Beckie, Kellie, Susan