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Greetings from Preschool and a Happy New Year too!

What a wonderful time of year for our children. The preschool classroom has mastered alphabet recognition (for the most part) and our Pre-K classroom has conquered the sight and sound for each letter. (at least most of them have)

What does this mean, you might ask? Simply put, each year in January, we begin blending two and three letter words to begin reading. Yep, you heard me right, every August we have a handful of kiddos that are off to kinder with the knowledge of beginning reading and others with letter sounds and letter recognition to start their year in a new ‘big kid school’ as they call it. We have a great group of kiddos every year, who are eager to learn and excited to show off their skills. Now that we have mastered ABC’s and 123’s, we have lots of fun with our science lessons and their new confidence our children burst with excitement with all the new lessons we present for the second half of the year. Have I mentioned lately I am blessed with fantastic teachers? We may be a small school , but we are mighty in Gods eyes and the seeds we plant daily puts a smile on our faces.

The beginning of the school year was busy with assessments, functions and parent teacher conferences and not much will change for the second half of the year. In the next several months, we have lots of exciting and fun activities and functions planned. These will be posted soon and we are excited.

The Christmas program was a big success, thank you, Martha Danner, for directing this year and to all the other wonderful people who stepped in and helped. A special thank you to Mary Otte for coming to the classrooms every Tuesday and working with our children teaching them the ‘Friendly Beast’ , you have now made 16 new best friends. We had 9 Preschoolers and their families attend the Christmas Program this year. We are blessed to be a part of this great tradition.

On behalf of Apostles Preschool Staff, we want to wish you all a Happy New Year. Enjoy your daily blessings our Wonderful Lord has in store for you. When we see through the eyes of a child, we see the good and the blessings. A child is a great teacher of Godly views, because of their innocence, they can see Joy, Peace and Happiness and awake each day with a smile. Let’s try to set this as a goal for ourselves, let’s make a change and let God handle our grown-up issues as He promises to do, let’s put our trust in Him, just like the sweet child who wakes up grateful and full of smiles. Remember, we have blessings everyday sent to us from above, let’s wake with a fresh heart and greet the day knowing we are His child.

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A BIG thank you to our church family from the preschool for the many blessings you have all provided us. What a blessing God is providing to be a mission and ministry of our church.  Getting ready for our upcoming assessment has been a long road to travel in a short period of time. With all your prayers, helping hands, and donations, you have made this journey much easier. We see God’s hand in all that is done and for that I praise and thank you daily.

Much love and appreciation

Apostles Lutheran Church Preschool Staff