Apostles Pre-School







Wow, can you believe it is 2020? As a child in school, talking about 2020 was such a futuristic thing, that to us as children, talking to watches and writing on a flat box thing, riding in driverless cars or even cars that could fly and playing games on a phone were just a great story you would hear about in movies and dream of, but that future was so far off we would never see it, and yet we would still wonder “wow can that really happen?”

Well, here we are at the beginning of 2020 and our children today have all this technology and more. Things we could only dream of are reality for young children today, but this makes me stop to think… how much of this is really beneficial to the young child? A little can go a long way at a young age and the fine line of too much is becoming more apparent when you teach and see the effects of advanced technology robbing children of play, getting dirty, climbing a tree, skinning a knee, riding a bike and drinking from a hose. All the “go outside” kind of play. Here at Apostles Pre-school, we strongly encourage play as a path to learning. Our philosophy is, that a child needs to do to learn, not sit and watch someone else do it. We have education sewn in to each play centers and everywhere you turn there is an opportunity to teach and learn.

We are excited for the new year and all the cool things we have for our lessons. Our teachers are fantastic and the classrooms are in full swing moving forward with many learning opportunities. We see the future at Apostles Preschool as a wonderful loving, educational, joyful, God filled place to be and we could not be more proud.

Let’s celebrate 2020! Spend more time with your family, tell your children about what it was like to live without all the electronics people can’t seem to live without now, and get your family outside to play. Family time is the best gift you can give, and remembering that God gave us the blessings of our family makes the time that more valuable and rewarding.

In His peace and love always,

Miss Beckie, Miss Kellie, Miss Susan