Apostles Pre-School

What a whirlwind of joy and laughter we have had these first months of school! We are growing in numbers weekly and our littles are well on their way with the alphabet, both in recognition and the sounds of the letters. Many new friends have been made and daily we see new blessings sprinkled on us at the preschool.

We are getting ready for our Halloween party and October birthday celebrations. Pinatas, parties, cupcakes and growing pumpkins are on the October agenda. The life cycle of apples and pumpkins will fill our science centers, fall leaves and chromatography will be in our art center. We are hoping for some much cooler weather soon so we can be outside more and hope the mosquitos have gone away.

We will be preparing for parent conferences in about a month or so and are excited to share the good news of the children‘s growth so far with each family.

We are starting to collect supplies to work on a collaborative Christmas art piece. As the true meaning of Christmas is shared with the children, they will create the piece of artwork which will be displayed in the Narthex when completed. What a wonderful blessing it is to work in a place where you can freely share Jesus and plant Jesus seeds in the hearts of children. We love what we do!

Miss Beckie, Miss Kellie, Miss Susan