Apostles Pre-School







It was Back to school on August 12th for Apostles Preschool, and we hit the floor running! We played hard and we all fell asleep at nap time, no not the teachers, though I bet they wished they could. We made friends, talked about Jesus, and made some cool things for mom and dad so they didn’t feel so sad that their houses were left quiet. They were able to enjoy a drink all to themselves and they had no one to tap on them all day long. Ha Ha, on a serious note, we have wonderful children enrolled and we are excited to get the year started. Thank you Apostles for all the help we received from members who came to help clean and organize the classrooms, build playground equipment, pull weeds, and all the other wonderful things that took place. We also greatly appreciate the donations from our Giving Tree. We decided to request gift cards this year to the stores where we frequently purchase supplies. These will be helpful throughout the year, and are also appreciated. Thank you to all who donated!

We are getting ready for our assessments the beginning of October and the playground still needs some love, if you have time and are able to help Give me a call at 623-979-3497. We still need some playground structures assembled, some painting and a few phone calls.

It is truly awesome to see the power of prayer and see God in all we do here at the Preschool, with amazing teachers, great families, and volunteers from Apostles, God is helping to make our Children’s Ministry a valuable mission of Apostles Lutheran Church.

I work under God’s guidance daily as the Director here at Apostles Preschool, and am blessed to serve Him through this work in our school ministry.

It is heartwarming to interact with our families and provide a God rich, loving Preschool, where families and children eager to hear and share Jesus. We love teaching our children about our mighty God, and He shows His presence in our school daily. Thank you Lord for all you do to raise us up to be a blessing to our children, community and our church, we are happy to serve a loving God and share His message with our families here at Apostles Lutheran Preschool.