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March already? where has the time gone? Valentines day party, Groundhog day, Chinese New Year parade and Panda rice, winter unit including why blubber is so important to the Inuit People and to whales , and the first part of our assessment. Whew! This all happened just in February! It’s no wonder it seemed to go so quickly.

We had the Pleasure of Lynne Rose, our LCMS Early Child-hood Education Director come and visit our school and lead us in chapel time for Lutheran School week. The kiddos enjoyed her lesson and welcomed her with open arms. Lynn even joined them on the playground for recess. It was a great time.

March will almost be as busy as we continue our assessments, celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday and continue preparing for our art show in April.

Speaking of the art show, be sure to get your tickets from Beckie or JD Ellis. Show your support of the Preschool and come to see the fantastic art work our children have been working on. Each year, our Teachers seem to out do themselves as they encourage and strengthen our children’s knowledge through art. Remember fantastic food, great company and a wonderful evening at the art gallery will uplift the spirits. Come be filled with fun and create new friendships. What a great night it will be!

As we all know, spring is approaching soon, thank you Puxatony Phil for that wonderful report. Pre-school is on the lookout for some donations of gardening supplies so we can continue our gardening together. We are in need of big bags of potting soil, bags of worm castings (great for the soil) and some planting trellis’s or tomato cages and big “wine barrel” containers. The children have already enjoyed the red and yellow tomatoes they grew and broccoli straight from the garden. Let’s not forget the fresh basil they have picked and chomped on and the strawberry tasting. Their little faces are priceless when they realize where their food comes from and how much better it tastes as a result of their very own hard work. Gardening is a great educational tool. If anyone is great at constructing above ground garden containers using up-cycled materials, I would love to pick your brain.

As always we are blessed to be Apostles Preschool, where we plants the seeds of Jesus 5 days a week and know it carries them through the weekend too. What a wonderful mission to be a part of.

Filled with His love,

Beckie, Kellie, Susan

Our Preschool Team