Apostles Pre-School

Can you believe it is 2022? The first half of our school year has zoomed right by. With all the joys and busy happenings of having 20 kiddos now, it feels like you blink and a new month is here. The blessings of our school are many and we see them everyday in one way or another, we are grateful.

This month we are headed into Winter lesson plans with things like, where do icicles come from? What is the difference between hibernation and torpor? Can penguins fly? Who lives in the Antarctic? These are a few of the topics we will explore with the children.

We are beginning to collect CANS this month of all SHAPES and SIZES for our recycle unit. Our favorite activity in this in this unit is building robots with recycled cans. We also collect old zippers, film canisters, large buttons, metal caps from glass jars (not the glass), mason jar lids, any and all cool garage things like springs, bolts, metal pieces (not sharp). You know, the things we all keep just in case it’s needed someday. These items will make great looking features on the robots. We have a container in front of our door by room 4 to collect them in. We will begin building the end of January. If you would like to donate cans for our lesson, we ask can you please clean them so not to attract bugs in the donation bucket. Thank you in advance.

We hope you all are rested and ready for the new year. I know God has many blessings for us all this new year, so look up, pray and believe.

Thank you to all who have prayed us through and given support to our Preschool.

Miss Beckie, Miss Kellie, Miss Susan