Apostles Pre-School

Apostles Lutheran Church Preschool welcomed their first students over 30 years ago and has planted Jesus Seeds in hundreds of children throughout the years. The school began classes in the church nursery and grew into a wonderful Quality First, 4 + star (out of 5) rated school. The school staff has spent many hours developing classroom layout and structure to earn that rating and are exceedingly proud we were able to attain that honor.

In the past few years, Glendale Community College identified Apostles Preschool as an ideal setting for student teachers to complete their required intern hours. In the past few months we’ve had the pleasure of another student learning and helping in the classroom.

We have been blessed to have our very own “Bob the Builder” (as the kids say) check on us weekly to meet any repair and building needs we might have. Each Tuesday morning we look forward to his knock on the door and familiar greeting of, “O.K. ladies, what can I do for you this week.” We all enjoy his positive, can do attitude and appreciate everything he has done for the school.

There are many people throughout the years who have kept Apostles Preschool in their prayers and have made numerous donations of all sorts of supplies. We wish to extend our gratitude to each and every one. We are also thankful to those who have done the “heavy lifting” of swing moving, weed pulling and rock spreading.

We have worked hard to make this preschool a Christ centered school, with lessons on sharing what we have and being kind to our neighbors. The Preschool connected with Apostles Social Ministries Board and began donating food and other supplies on a monthly basis. In turn, the wonderful ladies thanked the children by crocheting each one a beautiful prayer shawl. The children refer to them as their Jesus hugs and use them daily when they need a little extra comfort.

Each year we have students come back to visit us, some already in high school. They love to tell us about what is going on in their lives the wonderful things they have done. Through these visits, it is evident of the impact that our teachers make on the lives of these children and how much they are loved.

It is with great sadness that June 30th, 2024, our wonderful preschool will close their doors to students for the last time.

As to be expected, we are devastated with this news, but with God in our hearts we know we need to trust in the plans he has for us. The teachers, students and their parents are all very sad that this decision was made but will continue to work in faith.

You know where to find us in the classroom, stop by, we would love a hug!

From the dedicated and loving staff,
Miss Beckie, Miss Kellie, Miss Susan