Apostles Pre-School


What a wonderful Month! Spring is in the air, Easter celebrations are around the corner, and the feeling of new is all around.

We have been talking about Easter and the wonderful gift of Love that God has shown us all. Our littles heard about the donkey who had the privilege to carry Jesus into Jerusalem to begin His journey into Holy week. We made stick donkeys and took our own ojurney around the playground.

Next we served our own version of the Lords Supper complete with lamb, hard boiled eggs, herbs and apples. We sat at the table and read the story of the Lords Supper and discussed the importance of prayer at meal time and to give thanks. Of course we had to sing “Open Shut Them” before prayer.

We told the story of Jesus going to the garden to pray, and how the Disciples fell asleep while keeping watch. We talked about why we pray and when and where we can pray. Can you pray in a box, with a fox, wearing socks? Can you pray on a train? In the rain? I can pray everywhere, yes indeed! (we just had Dr. Seuss week lol)

We made our own crosses to take home and to share with our families to set out for Easter. Maybe a grown up will say ‘what a beautiful cross’, and we can tell them what we know about Easter.

We talked about, candy, eggs, baskets, bunnies and how fun all this is, but that we need to remember that Jesus died on a cross and rose from a tomb to remind us of His love and forgiveness and that is the meaning we celebrate on Easter.

Preschool will have a collaborative art piece on display Easter morning, that all the children worked on together to tell the story of Easter. We hope you all enjoy it.

Gods Love and blessings to all,
Apostles Preschool Staff,
Miss Beckie, Miss Kellie, Miss Susan







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