Apostles Pre-School






Pastor Ramon as Moses.   He dressed to tell the preschool children his life story as himself.

Off the top of your head, can you name at least 5 blessings you are thankful for? Preschool has many blessings to be thankful for, new student enrollment this year, church members who pray for us, members who donate their time and talents, support of our fundraisers and support of our children’s ministry here on campus. We are blessed to be a blessing to our many families who look to us every year to teach their children about the importance of the love of Jesus in their lives, along with their ABC’s, 123’s, and all.

We still have some projects that need to be completed for our bi-annual assessments, (an extension was granted until Dec. 5th due to the water dam-age in the classroom). All projects, inside and out must be completed by Dec. 1st. We are once again seeking volunteers to help with playground projects as well as a few more classroom needs. The Arizona sun takes a toll on our play-ground and items need replaced often. A poster of the items we need donated, and the work to be completed can be found in the narthex. If you are able to help with any of these items, please contact Beckie at 623-979-3497 (church office) or 623-312-4831 (direct preschool line).

We teach our children to be a good friend, to be a “super ” friend and always help when you can. We have many new “super” friends to thank for their help with the repairs and putting everything back together so that our teacher and students can resume class in their own room. We are excited to establish our new routine and set sail toward for our new year.

We wish you all a Blessed Thanksgiving filled with the love of our Lord,.

Apostles Preschool Staff, Miss Beckie, Miss Kellie, Miss Susan