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Church Services are now open!!!!!!!! 

There will be Facebook live recordings at 9:30AM on Sundays. Please join us.

We invite you to worship with us every Sunday at 8:00 AM Church Service & 9:30 AM & Spanish service at 11:00 AM. Pastor Forum at 11AM on Zoom

Holy Communion is celebrated the first and 3rd Sundays at all services   

Spanish Services are being held Friday evenings at 7:00 PM

Dear Friends,

How do you get to know someone? Basically, you spend time with them. You watch what they do. You work with them and share experiences. You ask questions and listen to the answers and then maybe ask more questions. Over time you get to know them and are influenced by them.

We have all gone through changes as a result of dealing with the Corona virus. We individually and as a congregation have gained during this time and have suffered loss during this time. By God’s grace we are moving forward. Our theme for this year is Exodus 14:15, “The Lord said, ‘Tell the people of Israel to move forward’ “. As part of that I would like to propose a new focus statement for our congregation, “To know Jesus and make Jesus known”. A focus statement helps give us direction as we plan the work of our congregation. There are many things we as a congregation and as individuals can do with our time and resources. It is easy to be scattered and less effective when you don’t have a focus. Our previous focus statement, “Blessed to be a blessing with God’s grace” has served us well for these last 5 years. I think it is time to have a more action oriented focus. This new focus will help us as we move forward. There is no one better, or more important, to know than Jesus.

Once you know someone, how do you make them known? By your words and actions. When you have been inspired or influenced by someone it shows. Others say, “There is something different about you. What have you been up to? Who have you been hanging around with?” Hopefully the change is for the better and it gets everyone’s attention. When the apostles Peter and John were arrested for healing a lame man and preaching about Jesus (Acts 4:13) the authorities in charge at the time recognized they had been with Jesus. Jesus
had influenced them. These two men were bold, confident, and not afraid to tell others about Jesus. Hopefully the same will be said about us.

As we spend time in the Bible and prayer (listening and talking to Jesus). We will get to know Him better. As we spend time doing good works for others (serving Jesus and working alongside Jesus) we will make Him known to others and get to know Him better in the process. With our words and actions we make Him known. Because we know Jesus, we know that others need to know Him too. To know Jesus and make Jesus known. If there is something better we can focus on, please let me know.

Pastor Andrew