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Church Services are now open!!!!!!!! 

There will be Facebook live recordings at 9:30AM on Sundays. Please join us.

We invite you to worship with us every Sunday at 8:00 AM Church Service & 9:30 AM & Spanish service at 11:00 AM. Pastor Forum at 11AM on Zoom

Holy Communion is celebrated the first and 3rd Sundays at all services   

Spanish Services are being held Friday evenings at 6:30 PM

Advent Services Dec 2nd, Dec 9th, Dec 16th and Dec 23rd

Christmas Eve Services will be Dec 24th at 3PM, 7PM and 11PM

Christmas Day Service 10AM

Dear Friends,
Habits can be powerful. Habits often take over when we are distracted. Sometimes when I am driving and have a lot on my mind I end up in a familiar place, but not the place I intended. At this time of year we renew the habit of Advent. Advent is an old habit among Christians. It started about the year 500 in France and has spread since then.

Advent means “arrival”. During Advent we remember the first arrival of Jesus, when He was born. We also look forward to the second arrival of Jesus, when He comes a second time to put away all evil and suffering and to restore creation to its “factory fresh” condition.

Habits can be powerful. They carry us through disruptions. Soldiers spend most of the time training so that when they face the chaos of conflict, their habits and training take over.

For the next month I invite you renew your Advent habit. Get an Advent wreath to be a focal point. You may already have one. Instructions on how to simply assemble one are elsewhere in the newsletter. If you don’t want the mess of wax, or the danger of open flame, use electric candles or tea lights. Be creative in making your wreath your own.

Make it a habit to gather on Each Wednesday in Advent. We will be having midweek services each Wednesday at 7:00 PM, in person here at church and on Facebook. Our Advent series this year is “Jesus, The Son of . . . “. We will look back and look forward at His first and second arrival. By God’s grace and the power of His word we will learn more about this person named Jesus. His first arrival continues to change the world. His second arrival will change everything again.

Instead of the bad news of destruction, disruption, despair that is so prevalent today, get in the habit of filling your mind with the good news of Advent. For your daily habit, Lutheran Hour Ministries has daily devotions with the theme “God with Us” written by Dr. Kari Vo. They are available (in English or Spanish) on line at, from the LHM app or if you would like a paper copy, call the church office and we will print one up for you!
In these unusual, unsettled, and unpredictable time, I invite you to let your habits take over.


Pastor Andrew

Church re-opening guidelines
Church re-opening guidelines