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There will be Facebook live recordings at 8:00 AM on Sundays. Please join us.

We invite you to worship with us every Sunday at 8:00 AM Worship in English, 9:30 AM Bible Study and Children’s Sunday School, and  at 11:00 AM Worship in Spanish and English. 

Holy Communion is celebrated the 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays at all services.  

Spanish Services are being held Friday evenings at 7:00 PM.

Dear Friends,

Once again we are shifting gears into a new season. Not just a summertime of travel and vacations but also a time of changing pandemic restrictions as more people get vaccinated and the COVID-19 spread lessens but still remains active. We are shifting some gears here at Apostles as well. Beginning on Memorial Day weekend, Sunday May 30th, we will be switching to a Summer Sunday Morning schedule. We are bringing back in person Bible Study and going from 3 to 2 worship services for the summer.

The first worship service will be the 8:00 AM liturgical hymnal service, or as one person termed it, “Liturgy with a smile” then at 9:30 AM we will have Bible Study Time. I will lead a Bible study in English on the Gospel of John around the theme, “That You May Believe”. John 20:31 says, “These are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God and that by believing you may have life in his name”. There are many different ideas about who Jesus is in our culture today. We will listen to God through His apostle John tell us who Jesus is and is not. We will come away with a better understanding of who Jesus really is. This Bible Study will fit well with our new Focus Theme, “To know Jesus and make Jesus known.” Pastor Ramon will teach a Bible class in Spanish and we will have Sunday School for the children.

The second worship service will be at 11:00 AM and be a blend of our other worship services, the aim for the summer is to blend together the best of what we have been doing. Pastor Ramon and I will both be leading it, Chip and the existing Hispanic musicians will blend together to provide the music which will fall somewhere between the piano of the current 9:30 AM service and the band of the bilingual service. There will be elements of English and of Spanish and perhaps some other cultures! It will all be understandable to all who come. Like many things in the summer it will be something new to try.

Since attendance at both the 2nd and 3rd services typically drops during the summer months, we are bringing everyone together for what we hope will be a fuller worship time. Another shift will be dealing with the financial situation of our congregation. Over this summer we will be trying to bring up our offerings and also hold costs down. As more people come back to worship and our finances stabilize we can better plan the work God has given us to do. The reason we have all of these facilities and people is to do the work of caring for others and sharing the Good News of who God is and what He has done for us.

Through all of these changes and shifts our focus should be on our God who leads and loves, protects and provides, rather than our own preferences and comforts. One way leads to peace, hope and joy, the other way leads to frustration, grumbling and fighting. God has blessed us richly and will do so throughout this summer of shifting gears.

Pastor Andrew