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Ash Wednesday Service is March 6th at 7PM with Communion.

Lenten Services are March 13th, 20th, 27th and April 3rd and 10th.

Maunday Thursday service is April 18th at 7PM Communion

Good Friday Service is April 19th at 7PM

Easter services are April 21st at 6AM, 8AM and 10:45AM with communion at all services

Free Easter Breakfast is on April 21st starting at 7AM

We invite you to worship with us every Sunday at 8 AM, 10:45 AM & Spanish service at 10:45 AM. Sunday School is open for all ages at 9:30 AM.

Holy communion is celebrated at all Sunday services during the Months of March and April.

Dear Friends,

We all want to share the good news of Jesus in our lives. We all sometimes have a problem actually doing it. Rev. Dr. Michael Ziegler, the new speaker of the Lutheran Hour, gave a wonderful presentation here at Apostles last month that presented a very realistic and doable way of sharing the good news of Jesus with the people around us. Instead of trying to change everyone in the room into overnight evangelists, Dr. Ziegler talked about making us more willing to have spiritual conversations. Here, briefly, are some of the thoughts he shared in the day long rally.

1) Effective Evangelism Requires Relationship

These days all of us know people who don’t know Jesus, don’t follow His ways or have never actually heard about him. Whether we like it or not, this is the America we live in today. The good news is that you don’t have to go to strangers to share the good news of Jesus. There are already people in your life that you like and care about that don’t know Jesus. They will be blessed by you telling them. Since they know you already care about them and their lives, they will be more willing to hear about Jesus from you than from a stranger.

2) The first step is listening, not judging

Evangelism doesn’t start out with confrontation. Evangelism starts with listening. One resource Dr. Ziegler shared with us is the Spiritual Conversation Curve Card (available at Is my friend open to a spiritual conversation or not? If not just listen to them about their interests, their hopes, fears and dreams. Share your life with them as they share their life with you. Even if your friend turns out to have very different positions, ideas and experiences than you do, that friend is still very important to God and loved by Him. Your friend still deserves to hear about Jesus.

3) Give it time

Dr. Ziegler shared a story about one of his relationships back in St. Louis. He has been listening and talking with a young man for over two years. While we may be in a hurry or have a set timeline, the Holy Spirit is the One working and He often has His own timetable. Some of our friends are already searching for spiritual life and answers and are very ready for spiritual conversations. Other friends are very unaware of their need and your conversations may start the process for them.

Of course there are many more resources available. Spiritual Conversation Curve Cards help focus your thoughts and plans on how to share the message about Jesus. They are simple and fold up in your pocket for easy access. A new book will soon be out, The Reluctant Witness: Discovering the Delight of Spiritual Conversations by Don Everts. Instead of assuming spiritual conversations are always painful and embarrassing, Don shows and shares that spiritual conversations can actually be very delightful and fulfilling. Check and you will find these and many other helpful resources that God can use to shape and grow you into a person more willing to have spiritual conversations. While you are at take some time and look around at the other on-line classes, books, articles and Bible Studies that are available. God will surprise you by what you find there.


Pastor Andrew